Steele's Septic Tank Service


Steele's Septic Tank Service
Steele's Septic Tank Service
Plastic Tank
Steel Tank
We manufacture concrete septic tanks.
We have several different size tanks to accommodate your needs.

# Type Height Width Length Bottom
Inlet Pipe
Outlet Pipe
1 1050 Gallon
2- Piece
73" 54" 102" 63" 60"
2 1000 Gallon
49" 80" 109" 38" 35"
3 1000 Gallon
49" 74" 122" 39" 36"
4 1000 Gallon
65" 76" 79" 54" 52"
5 1000 Gallon
1-Pc. Dosing
65" 76" 79" 54" NO OUTLET
6 1600 Gallon 68" 74" 122" 59" 56"
7 1600 Gallon
68" 74" 122" 56" 53"
8 1600 Gallon
68" 74" 122" 56" NO OUTLET
9 2100 Gallon 79" 74" 122" 70" 67"

If you are installing the tank yourself you need to excavate the hole for the septic tank approx. 24" longer and wider than the tank dimensions. The septic tank must be installed on a level, stable base that will not settle. The bottom of the hole must be level. If there are rocks visible then sand or pea gravel should be used to bed the tank hole.

When backfilling around the tank, the soil should be backfilled slowly and evenly around all four sides to insure the tank does not move. Backfill material should be clean and free of large rocks and debris. Special care should be taken backfilling around the concrete riser. Do not drive over the riser, it is not traffic approved.

Inlet and outlet fittings are pre-installed in the septic tank. Flex couplings are provided to attach to your inlet and outlet pipes. The septic tank must be installed with a watertight manhole riser extending to the ground surface or above. Risers and lids are pre-installed on the septic tank prior to delivery, so call in advance to order the size you require.

If the septic tank will be installed in an area with high ground water, the tank must be properly installed and weighted or provided with an anti-buoyancy device to prevent flotation.

Our dosing septic tank is designed to accept an "Orenco Pump and Vault Assembly" only. We can pre-install the pump assembly in the tank prior to delivery.

Steele's Septic Tank Service
Steele's Septic Tank Service

We are a licensed DEQ installer. We install new septic systems and will repair your failing system. We can do the job from start to finish, i.e. digging test holes, submitting paperwork to the DEQ for design, layout of the system on your site and installation through final inspection. We have all the equipment necessary to finish the job and make sure it is done to your satisfaction when complete.

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