Steele's Septic Tank Service

Services we Perform:
  • Pump septic tanks
  • Pump grease traps
  • Manufacture septic tanks
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Install complete septic systems:  Standard - Gravity flow; Residential sand filters (bottomless and conventional);Orenco Advantex System, Commercial Systems
Licenses & Certifications:
  • DEQ certified pumper
  • DEQ certified installer
  • DEQ certified Operations and Maintenance provider
  • NAWT certified inspector
  • OR Contractors License

Organizations & Affiliations:

  • NAWT
  • 02WA
  • BBB



Steele's Septic Tank Service
Steele's Septic Tank Service

We are a licensed DEQ installer. We install new septic systems and will repair your failing system. We can do the job from start to finish, i.e. digging test holes, submitting paperwork to the DEQ for design, layout of the system on your site and installation through final inspection. We have all the equipment necessary to finish the job and make sure it is done to your satisfaction when complete.

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